FAQ for Potential Teachers

  • Who can teach on MySchoolBC?

    MySchoolBC is a team of certified teachers who are very strong in their subject matters. If you don't have a teaching degree, but have a lot of teaching experience, we'd love to hear from you! We require a criminal record check.

  • What classes can I teach?

    MySchoolBC currently offers classes in Math, Science, and English. In the future, we are open to other subject matters. Please get in touch to put in a course request.

  • How do I get paid on MySchoolBC?

    You will receive payments by Pay-pal in the middle of your course session and the remainder amount at the end of the session. The amount per 5 week session (10 lessons) varies dependent on student enrollment (and quality of teaching) but ranges from $22-$70/hour.

Why should I teach with MyschoolBC?

We offer a beautiful platform promoting:

  • A listing of your courses offered
  • Full page instructor page dedicated to you
  • Access to our learners
  • Marketing for your courses
  • We take the responsibility of payments and costs incurred
  • Teacher Assistant available for assistance in your online classes each week
  • Flexible Schedule

    Teach online from home, with a schedule that is best suited for you.

  • Great Earning Potential

    Earn money doing what you love! Average hourly rate is $22-$75+/session (dependent on student enrollment)

  • Rewarding Experience

    Teach a small group of motivated learners who choose to be in your class!