Course Type: Flexible

How does it work?

  • This course includes pre-recorded video lessons for each topic. 
  • Each lesson has practice assignments, and quizzes/assessments 
  • Each lesson has a discussion board where you can post your question or answer another group member's question.  Collaborative learning at its finest!
  • Your instructor is available throughout the week to answer questions through the discussion board.
  • Student progress is monitored and weekly feedback is sent to parent's email.
  • Small group sizes
  • Whether a homeschooler, an online learner or a regular school learner, this a great course to supplement any student's learning!

Curriculum Covered:

Are you a student whose 5 month long Chemistry course is being taught in 1-2 months? Did you choose blended learning but now are struggling with keeping up with the content? Whichever the case, MySchoolBC is here to help! We have carefully designed this course to cover major concept taught in Chemistry 11/Science 10. The main units include: Atomic structure, chemical naming and trends of the periodic table..

This course is fully aligned with the Ministry outcomes.


*The mole, stoichiometry and solutions will be covered in the next session. Please see Chemistry 11 Part 2 of 2. 

In this course, students will learn:

  • what is an atom
  • bohr models
  • lewis dot diagrams
  • ions and isotopes
  • counting atoms
  • rules for naming simple ionic compounds and ones with transition metals
  • rules for writing formulas for simple ionic compounds and ones with transition metals
  • rules for naming with polyatomic ions and writing their formulas
  • rules for naming binary covalent compounds
  • ionic vs covalent compounds
  • naming acids
  • naming hydrates
  • types of chemical reactions
  • balancing chemical equations
  • predicting chemical equations
  • trends of the periodic table
  • current model of the atom
  • quantum mechanical model
  • electron configuration
  • core notation

Available Classes

Enroll at any time and have 40 days of course learning. 

  • All lessons available in any order you choose
  • Post your questions regarding the lesson directly on the lesson page
  • Email instructor for extra help

Cost Per Learner


  • Why should I enroll in this class?

    Part 1 of this Chemistry course is carefully designed by highly experienced teachers. Each class is engaging and interactive. The teacher monitors student progress and provides parents an update via email after each lesson.

  • I am not homeschooling my child, can I still enroll him/her in this class?

    Absolutely! All of our courses are enrichment classes. Whether your child is attending a regular school, online learning, distributed learning or homeschooling, this course is a perfect addition to ensure your child is mastering all of the concepts as expected by the Ministry of Education.

  • What do I need for this class?

    A strong internet connection, a computer, notebook and a pencil. It is recommended that students are taking notes throughout the lesson and trying practice problems on their own. Worksheets will be provided by the teacher for students to download.

  • How much time do I need to devote to this class?

    Classes are 2-3 hours per week is recommended.


Noel Abraham

Senior Instructor

Noel is a certified teacher who is passionate about teaching Math, Chemistry, and Physics. He completed his BSc and BEd from UBC and now is currently enrolled in the MEd program at UBC.