Do you want to learn and master particular academic topics or the arts?

Our live and flexible interactive virtual classes for Grade 5-12 are exactly what you need!!

We are here to help students, parents and teachers with our enrichment classes. Our lessons are carefully designed to be aligned with the Ministry learning outcomes. Our safe and engaging lessons are led by passionate teachers who MONITOR your child’s learning every step of the way. To ensure collaborative learning, parents receive feedback on student PROGRESS regularly! It is very easy to sign up for a class. Students/parents can register for any flexible 'course' at any time or live 'course' during specified start dates. Individual course information is listed on each course page.

Our Programs

Don't worry, we've got you covered. We offer 3 different types of programs to suit your needs.

LIVE Classes

Online learning with live instructors

(For Grade 5-12 Students)



Pre-recorded video lessons with instructor support

(For Grade 10-12 Students)



1-1 Tutoring for students wanting help with their assigned schoolwork only

(For Grade 3-12 Students)


All Courses

  • STEP 1:

    Choose your grade & course unit. Each course is divided into 4-5 units. Sign up for one, two or all units!

  • STEP 2:

    Each live lesson will include the daily lesson, collaborative practice, activities, and an assessment. Teachers will monitor student’s daily progress and will send the parent(s) a progress report at the end of each lesson via email.

  • STEP 3:

    Parents can feel at ease that MySchoolBC is monitoring student progress and providing personalized feedback on their learning 🙂

  • Ministry Aligned Curriculum

    We cover every learning outcome in Math, Science, and English. We also offer specialty classes. MySchoolBC enhances your child’s learning with a thorough personalized learning plan.

  • Inspiring Teachers

    Our teachers are subject matter experts who have an engaging method of teaching.

  • Constant Parent Feedback

    Parents will receive weekly updates from their child’s teacher regarding their progress in a particular class. This is vital to keep parents informed and hold student’s accountable for their learning.

  • Learn with Peers

    Collaborative learning promotes self-confidence and critical thinking.

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