Students can learn any topic over live video lessons

It is very easy to sign up for a class. Students or parents can make an account for free, then register for any live 'course' during specified start dates.

Why MySchoolBC Works

  • Ministry Aligned Curriculum

    We cover learning outcomes in Math, Science, and English. We also offer specialty classes. MySchoolBC enhances each child’s learning with a thorough personalized learning plan.

  • Inspiring Teachers

    Our teachers are subject matter experts who have an engaging method of teaching. Our small group collaborative learning environment promote students self-confidence and critical thinking.

  • Constant Parent Feedback

    Parents will receive weekly updates from their child’s teacher regarding their progress in a particular class. This is vital to keep parents informed and hold student’s accountable for their learning.

Live Classes cultivate a complete education

Live education offers a way to provide small interactive group classes with live engaging instructors, all available to join from wherever you choose to learn.

The MySchoolBC Difference

Why people love our live classes

“Amazing for online learning! The teachers are very caring, supportive, & knowledgeable. Parents/guardians are provided regular reports, so they are able to support and monitor their child throughout their learning process. Great way for your kids to be successful and confident in their education.”

Bhav D.

“What a great array of live classes! I'm impressed with the quality of teachers and how much of a difference live classes have made in such a short amount of time!”

Alix H.